* Initially wash new clothing or fabric without fabric softener.

* Preheat iron to 145 degrees* (for most of the irons this is between wool

and cotton), turn off  the steam!

* First iron the surface plane, turn the transfer with the foil and image

 upwards on the surface layer, it is important to use a hard surface

underneath your fabric so you can apply equal pressure when ironing.

* Place the iron on the transfer (the iron must be placed on the transparent

plastic foil, with the white paper between the iron and the plastic foil)

Put pressure (using body weight) on the transfer for about

10 to 15 seconds,  it is  important to really determine the transfer

pressure by bodyweight.

* Allow it  to cool down properly!

* Now carefully remove the foil layer, Hold the transfer in place with your

fingernail when pulling back the transparent foil !.

* After removing the foil, put the white paper over the transfer and

iron the transfer  again. Allow it to cool down properly.

* The transfer  is successful as soon as a

light "relief" of the surface (e.g. the ribbing of a t-shirt) is visible.

*The transfer is then "merged with the substrate and will not

come loose in the wash. 

* Wait 24 hours before washing items with prints.

* Washable up to 40 *, not suitable for the tumble dryer!

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